Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement

This Statement reflects A-Cap Resources Limited’s corporate governance policies and practices as at 27 September 2018.

The Board of Directors of A-Cap Resources Limited (the “Company”) is responsible for monitoring the business undertakings of the Company and protecting the rights and interests of shareholders. High standards of corporate governance are considered essential to give effect to these responsibilities.

The Company’s corporate governance policies are set and reviewed from time to time by the Board having regard to any changing circumstances of the Company and the best interests of shareholders. Accordingly, the Company has, where appropriate, sought to adopt the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (the ‘Principles’). The corporate governance principles and practices adopted by the Company may differ from those set out in the ASX Recommendations where the Board considers that adherence is not appropriate, having regard to the nature, complexity and size of the Company’s business.

Any documents referenced in this statement as being available on the Company’s website can be found on this site.

Principles and Recommendations

Board Charter

Code of Conduct

Audit Committee Charter

Nomination Committee Charter

Remuneration Charter

Securities Trading Policy

Shareholder Communication Policy

Whistle-blower Policy

Policy and Procedure for the Selection and Re-Appointment of Directors

Assessing the Independent Directors Policy

Compliance Procedures Summary