Management Profile


Mr Angang Shen


Mr Angang Shen joined the Board of A-Cap in November 2013, bringing with him years of expertise and success in the areas of finance, investment, real estate and mining resources. Mr Shen is the Chairman of China Growth Minerals Ltd and Ansheng Investment Co, Ltd.

Mr Shen was appointed to the Board in November 2013

Mr Paul Ingram

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Ingram has been a geologist for over 30 years and has extensive experience in corporate and technical management of exploration and mining companies. He has held senior management positions within a number of successful resource companies in the precious metals and energy sectors. Mr. Ingram has worked throughout China, South East Asia and Australia. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of ASX listed Impact Minerals Limited.

Mr Ingram was appointed to the Board in June 2009

Mr Michael Liu

Mr Liu is the current Chairman of East China Capital Investments Ltd and has over 20 years’ experience in public company management, corporate investment and finance, and international M&A. In the past 10 years, Mr Liu has overseen several successful acquisitions and divestitures of mining assets including gold, copper, and coal in China and overseas. Mr Liu holds a Master of Arts from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from The University of British Columbia in Canada and holds Directorships in a number of public companies listed in Canada, UK, and USA.

Mr Liu was appointed to the Board in July 2015

Mr John Fisher-Stamp

Mr Fisher-Stamp is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in the resources sector for the past 10 years. Mr Fisher-Stamp has held executive and consulting positions in corporate finance and CFO. These roles covered compliance with corporate regulations and reporting in Australia, USA, UK and Asia. Mr Fisher-Stamp is a director of USA based mining developer Ouro Mining, Inc and is Deputy Chair of QT Mutual Bank Limited, an Australian APRA regulated ADI. John currently serves with QT Mutual Bank Limited as a member of the Risk and Remuneration Committees and is Chair of the bank’s Audit Committee. Mr Fisher-Stamp’s experience extends to Public Practice as a Chartered Accountant and Principal with DKM Group, Brisbane for 8 years and a Partner with Deloitte, Brisbane, Australia for 10 years providing business advisory, corporate taxation and support services. Mr Fisher-Stamp has past experience as a director of an ASX listed company.

Mr Fisher-Stamp was appointed to the Board in June 2015

Mr Jijing Niu

Non-Executive Director


Mr Niu graduated from Hunan University majoring in Economics and Information Management and holds an MBA from Fudan University and an EMBA from Cheung Kong School of Business. Mr Niu brings to the Board a wealth of corporate and investment banking experience, having commenced his investment banking career at United Securities Co., Ltd in 1998. From 2005 Mr Niu joined the Investment Banking Division of Guosen Securities Ltd and was promoted to be the Managing Director of the division until 2015. He was appointed as Chairman of Jiangsu Chixiang Precision Gear Co., Ltd. on 8 July, 2016.

Mr Niu joined the Board in September 2016

Mr Chenghu Zhu

Non-Executive Director

Mr Zhu is an economist having held senior positions across a successful career in Industry & Commerce. Mr Zhu commenced his career as the manager of Yancheng Longgang Supply and Marketing Corporation from 1980 to 1992 and the General Manager of Yancheng Huaxin Industrial General Corporation from 1992 to 1995. Mr Zhu held a Directorship at Yancheng Suburban Government Corporation from 1995 to 1998. Mr Zhu currently holds the following senior positions:

Chairman of Jiangsu Huaxing Investment Group (since 1998)
Deputy President of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce (since 2012)
Deputy Chairman of Yancheng Federation of Industry and Commerce (since 2012)
President of Yandu Association of Enterprises (since 2012)
Director of Jiangsu Chixiang Precision Gear Co., Ltd

Mr Zhu joined the Board in September 2016

Mr Anthony Khama

Chairman, A-Cap Botswana Pty Ltd

Mr Khama is a successful businessman and brings to A-Cap’s local board a wealth of experience and an intimate knowledge of the business and operating environment in Botswana. Mr Khama is the son of the first President of Botswana, Sir Seretse Khama and the younger brother of the current President of Botswana, Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama. He is renowned for his business achievements in Botswana and his family name holds great significance for the Botswana people.



Mr Ashley Jones

Operations Manager

Mr Jones brings a diverse range of exploration, mine geology and management experience to A-Cap Resources. Previous experience in identifying and quantifying mineral resources will enable the company to assess and maximise the economic potential on the Botswana tenements. A broad range of cross discipline experience has come from managing an Australian uranium resource project to pre-feasibility level. He has been managing exploration and projects in Africa since 2008, where his knowledge in exploration, production and safety has ensured best practices are in place. Mr Jones graduated in 1997 with a B.Sc. Hons in Geology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He also has a Master of Applied Finance from Kaplan University, Australia and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Mr Nicholas Yeak

Company Secretary, Group Financial Controller

Mr Yeak is a Certified Practicing Accountant and Chartered Secretary responsible for managing A-Cap’s financial, corporate governance & compliance affairs. Mr. Yeak holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance from the Governance Institute of Australia. Mr Yeak joined A-Cap in June 2010 as Group Financial Controller and was appointed Company Secretary in July 2015. Mr Yeak has held senior finance positions across diverse industries including minerals exploration & mining, electricity, manufacturing & retail and public practice.