The Letlhakane Uranium Project is in a unique position amongst its peer group of emerging development projects in that it has all of the required infrastructure in place and readily available.

Letlhakane is ideally situated adjacent to Botswana’s main infrastructure corridor that includes the main, sealed highway, which runs from South Africa to the capital, Gaborone, through Francistown (passing through Letlhakane itself), then connecting on to Zambia and the DRC.  This highway also connects to major shipping ports in Namibia.

Infra map

Botswana’s main railway line runs parallel to the highway (through Letlhakane) and also serves Botswana’s northern neighbours from the industrial centres and ports of South Africa.

An existing 220kV switching station is located at Serule Village, only 8km from Letlhakane plant site and is connected to the national grid. Power for the project is readily available with the Botswana Power Corporation confirming that electricity can be delivered to site from the Serule switching station.

Following the successful completion of a detailed water exploration program carried out by A-Cap which confirmed that a well field, located 30km west of Letlhakane, has the ability to supply water of sufficient quality and quantity to meet the Project’s requirements, the Company’s applications for Water Rights were granted by Botswana’s Water Apportionment Board in 2012.

The presence and availability of this infrastructure to A-Cap has a very positive effect on keeping the projects Capital Costs low while moving forward into development and production.