Letlhakane Metallurgy

Metallurgy and Process Route

Extensive metallurgical test work has been carried out primarily in Perth and recently also at ANSTO in NSW, based on heap leach processing using acid leaching for the Primary, Oxide and Secondary Mudstone ore, and alkaline leaching for the Secondary Calcrete ore.
The Letlhakane Uranium Project will process deposits consisting of several different uranium bearing ore types. These ore types are as follows:

  • Serule Oxide and Primary ore
  • Kraken Oxide and Primary ore
  • Gorgon Oxide and Primary ore
  • Mokobaesi Upper and Lower Mudstones – Secondary ores
  • Mokobaesi Surficial Calcrete ore

The ore type exhibits slightly different characteristics during processing. The differences affect the acid consumption and recovery and ultimately the operating cost for a particular ore type.


3 metre column test work at ANSTO 2015.

A-Cap’s latest metallurgical test programmes recently completed includes 2 campaigns of primary and oxide columns using 3 x 2 metre columns followed by 3 x 4 metre columns, with the work being completed at ANSTO NSW. A further programme completed at SGS labs in Perth consists of an acid leach test programme on the secondary mineralisation using one 4 metre acid leach column which is required for the geotechnical, geochemical and hydrological aspects.


Process flow diagram.